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Indian Head Massage


Are you working long hours on your computer during this lockdown?

Are your neck and shoulders feeling tight?

Do you have tension in your wrists and lower arms?

Do your eyes feel tired from staring at the screen the whole day?

Are you suffering with headaches?

Do you need to give yourself some self-care? 

If you answered yes to any of the above then I am delighted to announce that I am now offering online self-care sessions of Indian Head Massage either half hour or one hour slots.

Indian Head Massage

How will these sessions work?

The sessions will be over Zoom and once your session is booked I will send you over a link.  If you don’t have Zoom you will need to download it onto your computer prior to our session, it is free to download, you just create a free account.  You will need to have a camera so that we can see each other!  If you need help setting this up please let me know I am happy to help.

I will guide you through some massage techniques that you can use to ease the tension caused by bad posture sitting at your computer or using your mobile devices.  We will make the sessions bespoke to you but areas we can cover are shoulders, arms, neck, face and head.  We will be doing this together so please don’t worry about anything.

So if you are looking to relieve stress, anxiety and tension, improve your sleep and want to gain an overall sense of well-being then gift yourself the time to enjoy one of these self-care sessions and enjoy deep relaxation.

Online self-care sessions of Indian Head Massage

You can book by calling me on 07974 682525 and payment can either be by bank transfer or PayPal before the session.  Upon booking I will send you an information sheet on what you will need for the session.

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