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Advanced EFT Level 3 Training

Advanced EFT Level 3 training can enhance the skills of proficient EFT Practitioners further.  There might be aspects of our client work where our current EFT resources feel insufficient.  Exploring new materials, techniques and styles of working can enhance our practice.  So if you are looking for ways to be even more effective and discover more ways to help your clients then this training is for you.

This course will enable you to:

  • Learn advanced techniques to use with clients
  • Overcome blocks to healing
  • Deepen your awareness of the effectiveness of EFT
  • Support your clients in obtaining more profound results

Advanced EFT Level 3 training

This will give you many new skills and techniques to use with your clients.  You will:

  • Discover new ways to work with resistant clients
  • Become aware of NLP techniques and how to combine them with EFT
  • Learn how to use Inner Child Work with EFT
  • Identify when and how to use Part Therapy with EFT
  • Master techniques to work safely with traumatic events

Who is this for?

  • You are a Level 2 Practitioner having trained either with Samantha or elsewhere*
  • You have been using EFT with clients or swap partners on a regular basis
  • You are using a combination of EFT techniques learned at Level 2
  • You have a desire to improve your use of EFT, by attending Supervision, workshops, summits etc.

*to ensure you receive the best possible training experience, if you trained under a different training organisation, you may be asked to show proof of competency before registering for Level 3.  This may include all or some of:

  • Attending a refresher course
  • Completing case studies
  • Passing an online test
  • We recommend asking for a Zoom chat to discuss your particular situation, book here.

Upcoming dates

Please email me for dates hello@samanthahardwick.com

The course will run over four half days online via Zoom or over 3 days in person.


Online: Level 3 £395
In person: Level 2 £445

Your course fee includes:

  • Small group experience
  • Comprehensive course manual (printed out for in person training)
  • One to one support and observation during the course
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Case study assessment (included in the training fee)
  • One to one case study review (included in the training fee) Counts towards Supervision.
  • Exam marking (included in the training fee)
  • Presence of a supporting EFT Practitioner
  • Opportunity to make new friends and be with like-minded people. Who may also become your swap partners
  • A life-time of ongoing support in a closed forum
  • Access to a variety of EFT & Mindfulness courses

Becoming an Advanced Practitioner

Requires completion of:

  • 3 case studies, each comprising 3 sessions (one case study should be in video format)
  • Passing the online Advanced Practitioner Test with the EFT & Mindfulness Centre (£22 is payable to access the test)

Training is via Zoom or in person.


Once qualified, Samantha offers 1:1 Sessions for EFT Practitioners read more about it here >>

Samantha Hardwick EFT trainer

Your trainer

Samantha Hardwick is an Emotional & Physical Wellbeing Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, EFT Master Trainer and Practitioner with a passion for mental and emotional wellbeing.  She works one to one with clients and offers support and coaching to EFT Trainees and Practitioners through monthly Supervision sessions and one to one coaching.

This course is accredited by the EFT & Mindfulness Centre.  You can discover more about the EFT & Mindfulness Centre HERE.


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