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From Grief to Peace 

My journey with loss

I have experienced many painful losses over the years including my grandfather one Christmas morning, moving abroad at an early age and moving back three years later, my beloved childhood rescue dog who was like a soul mate, three close relatives within a few months of each other, my grandmother to Dementia and more recently my mother in law to Alzheimer’s, the loss of other beloved pets, loss of my business as it was and as so many of us experienced during the past few years the loss of contact with loved ones and friends, freedom, normality, job or finances.

I was exceptionally good at suppressing my grief and loss as I was always being strong for others and putting a brave face on masking how I was feeling.  Unfortunately, I found that it was not doing me any good mentally – sadness, overwhelm, anxiety and comfort eating; or physically – tension and aches and pains in my body, disturbed sleep.

My grandfather’s death on Christmas morning changed this time of celebration for many years for me and it probably wasn’t until I had my children that the magic of Christmas returned slowly.  I also did not grieve for my grandfather until I moved out of his house some 4 years after his death.  As I closed the door I fell apart as I felt this was my final connection to him.  Through my healing journey I now know he is always with me.

Grief and Loss Coaching


I regularly attend continuing professional development (CPD) courses to keep up to date and enhance the wonderful skills I have learnt to help guide you on your journey; these include grief and loss training to help you process your emotions in a safe and nurturing way.

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Any change that we experience in life also involves a loss of some form.

  • Have you experienced some form of loss or bereavement?
  • Are you suppressing your grief/loss, feeling emotionally overwhelmed, being unheard or not acknowledged?
  • Are you putting on a brave face masking your feelings, always being strong for others, such as supporting younger and older family members and friends?
  • Are you afraid to connect with your feelings of sadness?
  • Are you afraid that if you allow yourself to connect with your feelings, you will be sucked into a deep well of intense emotions and never get out?
  • Is your loss so big that you cannot imagine actually getting in touch with it?  Do you keep pushing it away?
  • Do you feel embarrassed to admit how you are feeling be it recent or deep in the past?
  • Are you still grieving, or do you think that you ‘should’ be?
  • Do you worry that no one will listen to you?

Everyone’s journey is different, and your journey is unique to you.