1:1 Coaching

Samantha is a Positive Empowerment and Well-being Coach – helping you to bring joy back into your life one step at a time. 

Would you like freedom from feelings of:

All of the above cause stress which can affect our mental and emotional well-being and have an impact on our mood, sleep, weight, suppress our immune system and lead to a loss of confidence.  Samantha is passionate about helping people to improve their emotional and physical wellbeing.   Samantha provides a safe and non-judgemental space that allows people to be themselves and explore what is holding them back from shining their light.

As an accredited coach with the Sue Stone Foundation Samantha is passionate about supporting people through change, helping people to explore aspects of their life that they are not happy with, to release past patterns of behaviour and nurture them to feel whole and free.


Why work with me?

You don’t have to do this transformation alone, let me guide you.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

Theodore Roosevelt

If this resonates with you and lights you up, get in touch and book your free 20-minute discovery session with Samantha.

Sessions are available in person 1-1 or via Skype or Zoom, so there is no need to travel and sessions can be fitted into your busy life.

What is the investment in yourself?

When you have been living with emotional overwhelm for a while, it is rare that a single session can resolve it and therefore it is recommended that you purchase a package of sessions.

Coaching Prices:
4 Sessions £320.00
6 Sessions £480.00
12 Sessions £960.00

Price Options

This includes:

It is recommended that you are in a quiet, safe environment during each call, where you will not be disturbed.  It is a good idea to have tissues and a glass of water to hand.

Payment can be made via PayPal link.  If you would like to pay by bank transfer then please email hello@samanthahardwick.com