reiki second degree course

Reiki Second Degree (level 2) Training

You will learn how to use three Japanese symbols to further enhance the effectiveness of your treatments.

Course content –

  • Receiving the Second Degree Attunement.
  • Learn about the three sacred Reiki symbols – their names, how to draw them, their many uses and how to work with them.
  • Distant/Absent Healing.
  • Work on each other using the new symbols and experience their unique energy.
  • Learning and using various Japanese techniques, the many hands technique, Japanese scanning/Reiji Ho, sending Reiki with your eyes and breath, focusing Reiki like a laser beam, space clearing and room preparation using the symbols.

You are able to practice Reiki on a professional basis at the end of this course.

The investment in self is £177.00 for two days training and includes a comprehensive Reiki II Manual. (For 1-2-1 training please add £50.00).  A deposit of £88.50 is required when booking on to the course.

Price Options
reiki second degree,Okuden,Reiki Second Degree level 2

Reiki Second Degree course dates – 

email:  or call Samantha on 07974 682525 for further information