samantha hardwick

Samantha Hardwick is a Positive Empowerment and Well-being Coach, Raise Your Vibration, Munay Ki and Reiki Master Teacher …

helping you to bring joy back into your life one step at a time

Samantha is passionate about empowering you to live the life you love and helps you to let go of past situations and patterns that are holding you back. She nurtures and supports people helping them to release the past and believe in themselves.

Having worked in the complementary therapy field for over 15 years and through her experiences with clients and having taught personal development courses Samantha has helped people realise the connection between their emotions and the physical issues they may be experiencing.

Samantha is passionate about supporting change in a nurturing way and helping you to bring back the joy and love the life you live.

Amazing understanding and session. Would recommend very highly.


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