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I am an Emotional Well-being & Mindset Coach helping you to transform your inner critic into your inner coach by removing limiting beliefs, stress, anxiety & overwhelm to help you find happiness, confidence, peace & joy. Using Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reimprinting, Mindset tips and Energy techniques as part of Awaken Your Inner Coach package.

I take a holistic approach to my work and believe in healing the mind, body and soul rather than just treating one piece of the puzzle.

My mission is to transform the lives of those who seek my help – so that they can find emotional well-being and empower them to be their own healer, coach and guide and start to trust in themselves and their capabilities, allowing them to live a life of happiness, confidence, peace and joy.

I also offer courses and mentor you to Awaken Your Inner Wisdom as you step onto your spiritual path either through Mediation, Reiki or Raise Your Vibrations teaching.

Are you ready to transform your life?


Do you feel there is something in you – something there that you can’t seem to shift, that makes you feel like you are not enough, you don’t know enough, nobody loves me. A deep-seated feeling of unworthiness which is keeping you from embracing who you are meant to be. 

​Maybe on the surface, nobody would even know this – what mask(s) are you wearing?

Maybe only you know what happened in your past and where it came from.

​Or maybe ~ your conscious mind has no idea. All you know is that it is there ~ and it is stopping you from stepping into your true potential.

​It makes you feel like a fraud. Makes you question yourself; stops you showing up & taking action.

Happiness and peace come when you work to remove those limiting beliefs & subconscious blocks, from the inside out… and this comes from doing the deep inner work you might have been avoiding so far!

When you work with me we will journey together to overturn and transform those deep limiting beliefs and years of unhealed childhood and adulthood wounds which keep you stuck in a place of feeling unworthy, they will no longer hold you back.

It is not the experience that has a hold over you but the perception you are putting on the experience or the belief you made at the time – are you ready to transform that perception and belief?

Everyone’s journey is different, and your journey is unique to you.

What you will gain by working with me?

I will guide you to a place of:


Ready to Transform Your Thoughts to Transform Your Life

It all starts with a free 30 minute nurturing session with Samantha so let’s get started

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