samantha hardwick


Having been diagnosed for the second time in my life with Endometriosis and feeling completely exhausted after another very painful weekend, discombobulated and pretty frustrated I called the lovely Samantha, who told me to come to her if my family could spare me for a few days. Sam is my Reiki Master; I have known her for many years and totally trusted her when she said she was quite sure she could help me with a new technique she had just learned. So I pumped myself with painkillers and drove myself to North Devon to see her. She gave me my first EFT treatment (Emotional freedom technique or more simply "tapping on acupuncture points") and Matrix Reimprinting. Honestly, even if I work with energy and am quite open minded, I couldn't see how it could work for me. I am just so glad I listened to her and so grateful by her amazing welcome. The next day when I woke up, I realised that I had actually slept through the night! Then I noticed that I wasn't in pain, and when I got out of bed, the pain didn't come back when I started moving around. It was the first time in 3 months that I was pain-free, and I have been pretty much all the time since then. I can't explain how it felt, it was simply wonderful. Since my stay with Sam, it feels like my life has been given to me again. I know that I have to work more with Sam for long lasting results. I want to go to the source of the condition. Modern medicine can do amazing things but it only tries to solve the symptoms or remove the problem with a surgery, it doesn't go for the cause, and this is not enough for me. So if you or if you know anyone who is suffering with Endometriosis, and many other conditions, be curious look into it.
Working with Samantha has been nothing short of magical. She introduced me to the wonders of EFT and has helped me work through some pretty dense money blocks I've been carrying for a very very long time. After the second session, I went on what felt like a tailor-made interview and ended up getting the job. And after the third session, I came up with a great idea to create a course on a subject I was already teaching. Samantha helped me navigate the limiting beliefs I held about success and failure and now I'm almost ready to launch my course! Exploring your darker aspects is never easy, but Samantha provided a safe space, and her gentle way of working helped soothe me during more difficult moments. Absolutely amazing work!
Fifteen years ago, Samantha took me on a journey of inner consciousness which was absolutely fascinating and enabled me to view a family problem from a different perspective which was very healing. Several years later the call to learn Reiki came to me, and as an Astrologer I knew when a good planetary time was to do this. Most importantly of all I absolutely knew who the right person was to guide me on it….! Again, Samantha created an incredibly healing inner journey while we learnt the principles of Reiki in a very safe, nurturing environment, learning with likeminded souls. As we continue our transition into the Age of Aquarius Samantha has responded to the call to provide assistance at this time of unprecedented change to access our own intuition so we can respond to our individual life challenges from a more empowered perspective. I do not hesitate to recommend her and am proud to call her my friend 😊
Samantha created a warm, exciting and healing atmosphere within which to explore Reiki. I have always been hesitant in exploring alternative health, but Sam is accepting of all abilities and is able to talk knowledgeably around a much wider range of topics around Reiki, while always keeping us on track to make sure we get the most out of the course. Above all, I had a fantastic time. The content was really engaging and Sam’s fun and friendly approach to teaching is an effective was for students to learn while enjoying themselves. I would highly recommend exploring any aspects of alternative health with Samantha, not only does she have an extensive knowledge, she goes above and beyond in her teaching and she provides tasty treats as well!
I have been fortunate to know and work with Samantha for over 7 years. I was initially referred to her by my personal trainer for sports massage but soon came to realise that her talents were significantly broader. Whilst she continued to keep my muscles and joints supple and flexible, I was soon trusting her with a range of alternative therapies. This was significant as I had previously been extremely dubious of many of the types of approaches Samantha offered but her straightforward, caring and sensible approach allowed me to try out the therapies she offered and discover that in fact they were extremely effective. As well as more mainstream treatments I have particularly benefitted from her Reiki therapy and learning to meditate to deal with stress. Throughout our relationship Samantha has been unfailingly good humoured, kind, supportive, easy to deal with and professional. Not only do I always enjoy the treatments, but I enjoy Samantha's company as well. I have no hesitation in highly recommending her.
I have benefited from Sam's massage therapies since she began her journey. I recommend her no hands massage especially; I don't think I have ever had a better massage for releasing stress and improving general well-being. She has a way with her that is professional, but also welcoming and friendly and she generates an atmosphere of trust and calmness that lasts well after her treatments. I would recommend her without hesitation as an expert practitioner of many therapies.
I feel at ease with you and can be completely open and candid with you. I like the fact that I feel hopeful that I can ask you for help to resolve issues that seem to arise out of nowhere!
West Sussex
I love your easy-going nature, you never judge, I can sit and talk to you without fear of saying anything that sounds stupid. Learning more about me and what I can do to help myself. I have gained greater self-esteem and a clearer head space.
I am feeling happier, calmer, more balanced and more joyful, huge personal growth. You show me my positives, reassure me, you are supportive and understanding. Empathetic and knowledgeable. Someone I trust completely. I love your happy personality!
Changes have happened at all levels - personal, spiritual, emotional. Feeling like I can be me, and not judge, and safe to go through changes alongside you.
I have been a client of Sam’s for many years through massage and reflexology. She is amazing, when I have attended a session, I feel wonderful, a real release of all tension and stress. This feeling makes you feel stronger and somehow taller. Sam is a very calming personality and this helps to give a relaxed atmosphere and send positive energy. I would wholeheartedly recommend her fantastic skills making for a very positive experience and a way of finding joy in your life.
Samantha is a wonderful asset to the wellbeing industry. She is warm, knowledgeable and professional. I have used her services and was attuned as a Reiki Master and Teacher with Samantha. I recommend her wholeheartedly, her wisdom, kindness and gentle manner are second to none. Her healing abilities are excellent, I always left Samantha's clinic calmer, more balanced and ready for a busy life again!
I’ve known Sam for 7yrs now and have been a regular client all that time, mostly for massage (including pregnancy massage) but also reiki treatments and teaching. Her therapy and teaching skills are undoubtable, but her value goes far beyond that. She has helped me through some of the most difficult and intense periods of my life, both positive and negative, and has never wavered for a moment in the support, nurture, calmness and positivity that she brings. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a therapist, teacher or guardian angel!! Thank you, Sam, for all that you have done for me.
Amazing understanding and session. Would recommend very highly.