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Help your inner critic become your inner coach


Your inner critic is the internal dialogue that tells you:

–          You are not enough

–          You don’t know enough

–          You are not smart enough

–          You are not pretty enough

–          You are lazy – you never finish things

Right now, that nit-picking voice could be stronger than ever and can come out with some very hurtful things, but the job of the inner critic is to keep us safe.  Protecting us from shame, criticism, failure, and feelings you want to avoid.  By getting in before others with the criticism it gives you a chance to adjust your behaviour and learn from your mistakes.  The problem is if we only listen to our inner critic, it can stop us from taking action leading to procrastination, holding ourselves back and staying small.  The trick is to know how to listen and turn them into helpful strategies for growth – allow it to become your inner coach.

There tends to be 3 things that can exacerbate our inner critic – you may have experienced any or all of these lately:

Ø  You may be carrying around lots of emotion – if we are sad, grieving, angry or afraid our inner critic often takes charge, responding to the volatility and uncertainty that comes at times of intense emotions.

Ø  You may have limiting beliefs – like “nothing I every do is good enough” or “I can’t trust anyone to do it right”.  Your inner critic may want to protect you from perceived risk and this then makes things like accepting mistakes, asking for help, or handling criticism from others challenging.

Ø  You may be tired from juggling more than usual recently and when we are depleted our inner critic often takes over. Have you found yourself saying “I’m just terrible at this, I’m hopeless, there’s no point?”

Imagine being able to turn down the volume and tap into your inner coach to improve your self-worth, create empowered beliefs, and live a life of joy.  If your inner critic is consuming and overwhelming you and stopping you from living life fully then now is the time to take action.  

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