Finding Calm in the Midst of the Festive Season

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Samantha Hardwick

As we move towards the holiday season, it is important to acknowledge that Christmas can be a source of stress for many people.  The pressure to spend time with family, even when you may not want to, and the overwhelming to do list can be daunting.  But now is the ideal moment to prioritise you own self-care and well-being in the lead up to Christmas.

Maybe you imagine the run-up to Christmas as being a time to enjoy winter walks, cosy nights in front of the fire, craft fairs in search of the perfect gift, meeting up with friends. But so often the reality is quite different, with long to do lists – cards to write, meal planning, food and present shopping, getting the Christmas decorations done and we start to feel overwhelmed whilst we try to make everything ‘perfect’ and keep everyone happy.  This has a knock-on effect on our self-care and we often feel guilty taking time for ourselves so we arrive at Christmas tired and exhausted unable to enjoy the festive cheer.  Does this sound familiar?

I understand how difficult it can be to prioritise self-care and for some it might not come naturally but know that you have the power to change this.  Building in small but significant self-care activities and mindset shifts can help create moments of calm leaving us feeling more positive.  This is why I have created “Finding Calm in the Christmas Chaos” which will help you reduce the stress and overwhelm with two easy techniques – EFT and meditation – in as little as 5 – 10 minutes. Want in then head over and get instant access for £7

Here are 7 ideas to help you create a self-care plan that can fit into your schedule, even at the busiest time of the year.

  1. Helping the overwhelm – Brain dump – grab a piece of paper and write down everything that is in your head so that you can then prioritise what really needs to be done that day and what can wait or planned into other days.
  2. The Power of 3 – On a daily basis create a list of 3 things that absolutely must get done and as you cross them off allow yourself to feel that satisfaction.  Create a Ta-Dah list, move them across and give yourself a cheer or do a little dance to celebrate. If you manage to do any more of your list that is a bonus.  This will help to boost your sense of well-being and leave you feeling accomplished at the end of the day.
  3. Delegate – often we feel that we have to do all of this on our own, juggling work, children etc. and sometimes resent builds up, so this year try delegating jobs to your husband, partner, children and if you have other family coming ask them to bring something.  This certainly helped me knowing I didn’t have to produce all the food!  Let go of superwoman and share the tasks.
  4. Remember to take ‘time out’ – ensure you have scheduled some ‘time out’ just for you during the day. Often we feel guilty taking time out when there is so much to do but we all deserve a break.  This can be anything from 10 minutes to a whole afternoon!  Maybe journal some ideas of what self-care looks like for you as it is different for everyone – it may be sitting down and enjoying a cup of tea, curling up with a book, taking a bath, walking in nature, having a nap – the list is endless.
  5. Mindfulness tip – whilst you wait for the kettle to boil why not do some breathing or some stretching to calm and ease out your body. Try breathing in for a count of 2 and out for a count of 2, then in for 3 and out for 3 increasing to a count of 6.
  6. Keep your immune system boosted – when we are busy and stressed our immune system is lowered so ensure you eat plenty of vegetables especially ones which are high in Vitamin C like red bell pepper, garlic, ginger and spinach, increase your intake of fruit. Drink plenty of water to help flush out the toxins and to keep you hydrated. Take supplements of Vitamin C and D.
  7. Meditation & Tapping – I know you are probably already shouting at me “I don’t have time for this – are your crazy?” You only need to do 10 mins to help change your state of being and you can get going again from a much calmer, positive and more grounded place.  We are not supposed to spend our days feeling stressed and overwhelmed, pumping stress hormones through your body by taking time to stop, pause, meditation or tap you can switch off the stress response and turn on the rest response.

Remember to set clear boundaries and implement daily routines to help your mental health and well-being and don’t forget to delegate and reach out for support.

If you are ready to invest in your own well-being and move into 2024 feeling calm, rested and renewed rather than frazzled and exhausted then grab my “Finding Calm in the Christmas Chaos” meditations and tapping script which will only take 20 minutes in total, or you can do them individually, 5 – 10 minutes for £7, head on over and get instant access

Wishing you a calm, peaceful and joyous festive season.

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