Celebrating National Hygge Day

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Samantha Hardwick

Today is the day to celebrate the concept of hygge which is a feeling of warmth and wellbeing; of peace and happiness. So create a day full of cosiness and contentment whilst practicing hygge and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Here are some ideas to help you practice hygge:

  • Spend some time with loved ones – be that family or friends, spend time with the ones you love and those that bring you joy. Enjoy a coffee with a friend(s), spend time with family and play games or snuggle up with your partner. Appreciate the ones you love and enjoy their company.  It you aren’t able to spend time with them due to work or distance then why not give them a call and let them know you are thinking of them.
  • Today is the perfect time to enjoy a slow cooked meal. Prepare it in the morning so you can relax and enjoy the smell as it cooks throughout the day, then dig in and enjoy.
  • Make time for you – are there things you would really like to do for yourself but never seem to find the time? Why not gift yourself some time today, prioritise YOU to unwind and relax and do what you enjoy.
  • Create a hygge environment – light the fire and some candles, make your favourite hot drink and curl up with a book – hmm bliss
  • Spend time out in nature. Leave your phone at home and go for a walk and enjoy nature – listen to the birds singing, see the flowers starting to come through. It will help clear your mind and boost your mental wellness whilst also topping up those Vitamin D levels.  Vitamin D is essential for our bodies to retain calcium and absorb calcium which promotes bone growth.  Some research also indicates that low levels of Vit D may be linked with low moods/depression so go on get outside and enjoy the spring rays.
  • Get creative – draw, write, sew, knit, mindful colouring, dance – whatever gets you in a creative flow.

Celebrate today by doing the things that you enjoy and practice gratitude for all that you have, all that you are and where you are right now in your life. Treat yourself with kindness today and everyday.

I will be heading out to enjoy a walk with my gorgeous schnauzers, then home to light the fire and candles, make a cuppa and curl up with a book whilst supper is cooking to enjoy with the family.  Enjoy however you celebrate Hygge today and maybe try to incorporate hygge into your life more regularly to help your mental health and wellbeing.

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