Spring is good for our health and well-being

Spring is good for our health and well-being
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Samantha Hardwick

What better excuse is there to burst out of hibernation, to shake off the last dregs of winter sluggishness and to spring forward with confidence, positivity, and gratitude?

There really is something so special about the beginning of spring. It brings a sense of renewal and rebirth, a wonderful reminder that the cycle of life is starting over.  It is the perfect season to take a fresh look at our routines, to make small adjustments that may be needed to get our health and our well-being back on track.

With the warmer weather, the trees starting to bud and daffodils shining how can we not feel more joyful and optimistic about life? Afterall, if the flowers can push their way through the frosty ground, then surely, we can flourish too?

Spring is good for our energy and hormones

During winter our bodies produce more of the sleep hormone, melatonin, causing us to be more lethargic.  As the days brighten, the light suppresses the production of melatonin helping us feel more alert and energised.  The more hours of sunlight we enjoy causes our brain to produce more of the mood-enhancing chemical serotonin, which makes us feel happier!  It also helps boost our Vitamin D levels and most of us are not getting enough but it is essential for optimal health and a deficiency may cause health problems.  So go on get out into nature enjoy a walk, do some gardening, exercise, do some stargazing or simply sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of Spring.

Spring is great time to get out into our gardens and nature

There is a growing body of evidence showing the positive effects that being out in nature and gardening can have on our health.  It not only helps keep us physically healthy, but it can also improve our mental health and well-being.  Research has found that smelling flowers or even pulling up weeds can decrease blood pressure, increase brain activity, and produce an overall sense of well-being.

Spring encourages us to clean out our homes

Spring encourages us to spring-clean our homes, clearing the clutter which can make us fitter and improve our mental health.  Research shows that clutter and mess can leave us feeling anxious, overwhelmed and helpless which raises our stress hormones and makes it harder to relax.  So, throw open the windows, let the fresh air in, put some music on, start tidying and burn some calories.  But don’t feel you have to do it all in one go, choose one room or part of room and start there.

Spring is also great time to clean and declutter our minds and body

it is also a good time to spring clean and declutter our mind and body, focus on our mental well-being, clear the emotional clutter, shift old unhelpful patterns, negative thinking, and stress.  What has your inner critic been saying to you? See if you can turn it into your inner coach by asking “What would I say if I was talking to a friend right now?”

If you need support in clearing the mental clutter I invite you to book a free 30-minute nurturing call https://calendly.com/samanthahardwickcoach/30mindiscovery or email hello@samanthahardwick.com.

Step into Spring feeling energised and happier.

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